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Wake Up! Shaker Alarm Clock
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Wake Up! Shaker Alarm Clock

Never Be Late for Work or That Important Meeting Again — Wake Up Shaker Alarm Uses Light, Sound and Vibration to Get You Up and Out of Bed! Read More
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If you're a heavy sleeper or just struggle to get out of bed in the morning, we have the solution! Our multi-sensory Wake Up Shaker Alarm Clock gets you up by hearing, seeing and feeling your alarm! Hear the persistent beeping — volume adjusts from gentle urging to a piercing 120 decibels! See the flashing bright LEDs and extra-large 1.4" LED numerals so you know it's time to rise and shine. And feel the patent-pending wireless vibrating pillow/bed shaker demanding you get up and at 'em! Easy-to-use settings customize your wake up experience with any combination of settings and 3 vibrating modes (normal, strong and earthquake). Choose vibration only option to wake up without disturbing your spouse! Features dimmable display, 9 minute snooze, dual alarms and USB port to rapidly charge your phone or the wireless shaker! 12 or 24 hour time. Shaker battery lasts up to 7 days between charges, depending on usage. Measures 3.5"x 8"x 2.5".

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