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Walnut Grain Lacquered Backgammon Set
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Walnut Grain Lacquered Backgammon Set

Our Luxury Backgammon Set Lets You Battle Your Opponents in Sophisticated Style! Read More
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Back in college I spent many long, rainy days playing marathon board game tournaments with roommates and good friends. At the time, some might have believed we were simply procrastinating, preferring tight camaraderie, endless banter and intense competition among friends rather than finally writing that essay on English Literature or studying for that final in Macroeconomics — ugghh! But in my mind, our daylong competitions were far more important and impactful — sure, we were having fun, but we were also developing and mastering the art of logic and strategic thought. (Well, there may have been a few wagers placed along the way, but don't tell anyone!). And as a result of this friendly competition, we all learned an invaluable lifelong lesson — it actually does matter if you win or lose! So I am particularly pleased to offer this luxury game set, which brings back all those fond memories.
Our hardwood Backgammon Set has a striking lacquered walnut woodgrain inside and out, providing a perfect playing surface, with smooth markers and suede-lined, leather dice cups, so you're always ready for an exhilarating match. A fine addition to your home, and sure to be a welcome gift for family and friends! Measures 21.5" x 18"x 1" open; 10.5"x 18" x 2" closed.

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