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Warm-to-White Light Dimmable Floor Lamp
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Warm-to-White Light Dimmable Floor Lamp

Our Combination Warm-to-White Light Dimmable Floor Lamp Shines Soft Ambient and Ultra-Bright Task Light for Perfect Illumination! Read More
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This attractive Floor Lamp does it all, providing just the right light for all your needs! Double rotary dimmer switches allow you to change the light from ultra-bright white light for reading, hobbies and more, to warm, inviting ambient light (similar to the light from traditional incandescent bulbs), or shine a combination of both! The energy saving LEDs emit 2000 lumens on the White light setting; the Warm light LEDs emit 1700 lumens; and on full power (both warm and white) they emit 3600 lumens for your every lighting need. Antique brass finish fits in well with any décor. Height adjusts as desired, and the linen-like shade pivots to the perfect angle so you'll always have the right light when and where you need it! Adjustable up to 56" high.

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