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Whiskey Rocks - Set of 12
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Whiskey Rocks - Set of 12

Now You Can Truly Enjoy Your Spirits on the Rocks — So Your Drinks Stay Chilled, Without Getting Watered Down! Read More
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The problem with using traditional ice cubes to chill your favorite scotch, whiskey or bourbon, is that after a few minutes the ice begins to melt and dilute your drink. And all the flavors that developed from years of aging begin to slowly disappear. Our Whiskey Rocks retain the flavors intended by master distillers, using the unique characteristics of soapstone. Naturally non-porous, odorless and tasteless, soapstone retains temperature for hours — hot or cold! Simply place Whiskey Rocks in the freezer a few hours in advance, add 1-2 to any drink, and chill to the perfect temperature (recommended 1 stone per ounce). May also be used to keep tea or coffee hot longer, by placing stones in the microwave for 2 minutes. Whiskey Rocks will never wear out or lose their "chill-ability"! To wash, simply rinse with hot water — no soap needed. While edges have been tumbled to prevent scratching your glass, do not use with delicate stemware. Each stone is a 7/8" cube. Set of 12 stones. Made in USA.

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