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Wi-Fi Socket
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Wi-Fi Socket

Turn On the Lights or Even Start Your Coffee from Anywhere Through Your Smartphone! Read More
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Back in the 1960s, The Jetsons seemed like a far-fetched vision of a very distant future with push button controls and wireless devices — who knew they'd be so right so soon! While I love this new concept of a "connected" home, the reality is often a convoluted mess that takes a degree in computer science to figure out. Our easy-to-use Wi-Fi Socket simply plugs into any electrical outlet in your home. Then plug in any appliance you wish to control — lamps, coffee maker, heater, fan, TV, etc. Just download the free App, and follow the onscreen instructions for easy setup; takes less than 2 minutes. Now use the App on your mobile device (via Wi-Fi at your home or office, or 3G/4G while on the road) to remotely control your socket and turn on/off your devices! Warm up the den by turning on the space heater before you get home from work, or start the coffee pot from your bedroom for a hot cup first thing in the morning. I discovered my favorite use this summer while on vacation — I plugged a few lamps and the TV into Wi-Fi Sockets and set them to turn on and off at random times, so it looked like we were home even though we were miles away, deterring any would-be burglars! Wi-Fi Socket requires connection to a Wi-Fi router with an internet connection.

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