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Women's Pull-Over Posture Shirt
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Women's Pull-Over Posture Shirt

Wears Like a Shirt, Better Than a Brace — Doctor Recommended, Athlete Approved Posture Shirt Helps Improve Balance, Relieve Pain and Keeps Your Body Straight! Read More
Item #: JS215
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Whether you're hunched over a computer all day, suffer from back or shoulder pain, or just find yourself slouching more than you used to, many of us are prone to poor posture and its associated aches and pains. Originally developed by a Newport Beach chiropractor, Posture Shirt strategically incorporates patented Neuroband® Technology (panels of tensioned fabric in the back of the shirt) to activate and retrain specific muscle groups, nerves and joints. These "resistance training" bands cause a gentle pulling sensation as muscles contract, increasing their activity and teaching your body to straighten your posture! Based on in-depth scientific research into human physiology and biomechanics, the kinetic design transfers loads from the neck and shoulders to the body's core for clinically proven results. Unlike compression shirts, Posture Shirt provides form-fitting support without being restrictive for optimal movement and performance. Moisture wicking, breathable fabric with cooling mesh vents delivers anti-microbial protection against odors and may be worn alone, or discreetly under clothes. Perfect for correcting, maintaining and preserving proper posture — reduces pain as it increases balance, mobility and range of motion to keep you going strong! Athletic fit. For those suffering from an injury or surgery, we recommend the Women's Zip-Up Posture Shirt. FDA registered Class 1 Medical Device. 83% Poly/17% Spandex. Machine wash, hang dry. Imported.

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