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Women's/Senior's Orange Whip Tempo Training Aid
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Women's/Senior's Orange Whip Tempo Training Aid

Whip Your Game Into Shape — Synchronize Your Timing Before You Get Out On the Course! Read More
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More and more lately, life has been getting in the way of my golf habit — on a good week I'm lucky if I can squeeze in 18 holes! The problem with being a "weekend warrior" is you lose the subtle timing you develop with constant practice — it takes 6 or 7 holes for my swing to feel right again, and by then I'm already 10 over par! With Orange Whip I'm able to work on my tempo before I tee off, even on days at home. When my tempo is disjointed, I feel an awkward lag in the ultra-flexible shaft, or I lose balance, practically falling over! But after 5 minutes of the repetitive motion Orange Whip provides, I get back to a full shoulder turn, hesitate at the top of my swing allowing the club to catch up to my lower body, and I fully unhinge my wrists at impact (like cracking a whip!). Plus, the counterweights at both ends of the club engage your core muscles — providing a gentle stretch and low impact strength training. This is the secret weapon of Top 100 Teaching Professionals and major-winning Tour players, voted #1 training aid by!

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