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Wood Stove Fan w/Pewter Blades
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Wood Stove Fan w/Pewter Blades

Silent and Stylish, Heat-Powered Wood Stove Fan Distributes Warmth Evenly Throughout the Room - Makes You Feel Warm, and Smart! Read More
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Too good to be true? Think again. Our Wood Stove Fan sits on top of your stove and draws heat into its base. The cooling fins at the top create a heat differential. In between, a thermoelectric module senses the heat differential and converts it into an electron flow that powers the motor that turns the fan (i.e. the "Seebeck effect", for Thomas Johann Seebeck, who discovered the Thermoelectric principle in 1821). Ingenious, and it works! Oversized aluminum blades push a broad swath of warm air out into the room, rather than rising up to the ceiling where it warms the rafters. Starts automatically when the stove becomes warm, runs faster as the stove heats up, and shuts off as the stove burns down and cools. And it doesn't plug in, use batteries - or make noise!

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