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Woodland Oilskin Hat
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Woodland Oilskin Hat

Pack It, Crush It, Wear It — Our Oilskin Woodland Hat Protects You in All Kinds of Weather! Read More
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Oilskin is an amazing material that originated when sailors used waxed sailcloth to make sturdy, weatherproof coats and capes to protect themselves from the elements. Later, cowboys in Australia discovered it also made durable riding gear. Our Woodland Oilskin Hat is crafted with premium, heavyweight cotton fabric, permeated with a special blend of oils and waxes — making it exceedingly rugged and waterproof, yet still breathable to keep you comfortable. Soft and flexible with a protective brim to keep harmful UV rays off your face and neck, with an easy-fitting elastic sweatband that wicks away moisture. Two pairs of ventilating brass eyelets ensure your head stays cool, and button snaps on each side allow you to flip the brim up as desired. Features include a quick-dry lining, and a small security pocket inside the crown. Well crafted, crushable, packable and it even floats! And the soft, woven chin cord locks behind your head and under your chin for an extra-secure fit, even in nasty weather! 4" crown, 3" brim. UPF 50 rating.

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