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Woodlore Cedar Closet Hanger (Set of 2)
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Woodlore Cedar Closet Hanger (Set of 2)

Keep Your Shirts Neat and Wrinkle-Free with Woodlore Cedar Closet Hangers! Read More
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At this time of year, I always come to the same conclusion — my closet needs an extreme makeover! The tedious but necessary task of cleaning out and switching clothes for the changing seasons reminds me just how much easier it would be (not to mention how much better it would look) to have my closet organized — strategically and tastefully. Woodlore's family of cedar wood products has given me just the answer I have been looking for, with a wonderful selection of hangers and organizers to put everything in its place. Cedar is a durable wood with amazing properties. It will never bend or warp over time, but most importantly, its natural oils and the one-of-a-kind aromatic scent protects your clothes from the effects of moisture, moths, insects and other pests, and keeps them smelling fresh. Since 1987, Woodlore has specialized in the finest, most innovative cedar wood products available, all precisely kiln-dried and finely sanded for a truly silken finish. In fact, they stand behind their craftsmanship with a lifetime guarantee against defects!

You invest a lot in your clothes — so why hang them on flimsy hangers that allows them to get jammed together, wrinkle and lose their shape? Woodlore's sturdy Cedar Hangers support your shirts throughout the shoulder seams to keep them smoothly draped and wrinkle-free! Elegant, yet space-saving and functional — you'll always put on the freshest of clothes after hanging them on aromatic cedar. Brass-plated steel hook. Set of two hangers; each 18" long.

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