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Yaktrax Extreme
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Yaktrax Extreme

Walk Safely on Slick Ice and Snow — With Thicker Steel Coils and Arch Strap for Extra Security! Read More
Item #: FS205

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Named after the sure-footed Tibetan Yak, Yaktrax easily stretch over everything from your winter boots to jogging shoes. Once in place, a grid of patented SkidLock steel coils give you 360° of traction on hard-packed snow and glare ice, just like the famed mountain sheep! Made of durable yet flexible natural rubber, the outer band has a removable performance strap to ensure a secure fit. As you walk or jog, hundreds of edges bite into snow and ice, providing stability and grip in all directions — lets you take your normal stride without fear of falling, instead of short, choppy steps! Spikeless, lightweight, yet heavy duty design won't add noticeable weight to your workout. Extreme model features 1.4mm thick steel coils and removable arch strap.

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