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Zero Gravity Contour Lounger XL
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Zero Gravity Contour Lounger XL

Read in Bed in Sublime Comfort, With No Stiff Neck in the Morning! Read More
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I'm a serious reader — I guess that's obvious. And I do a lot of it in bed. But no matter how many pillows I stuff behind my head, my neck winds up bent at an awkward angle, and I wake up with a stabbing kink between my shoulder blades. Until I started using Contour Lounger, the back support that puts me in a comfortable, healthy posture. This 3-piece (Back Wedge, Knee Wedge and Foot Wedge) Multi-Functional wedge system relieves lower back pressure and improves blood flow. It provides complete back support and features the zero gravity positioning, placing your body at a 120° angle, the most relaxed position for your heart, body and nervous system. Medical-grade foam layered with soft fleece gives you reading comfort that is firm, yet sublimely soft and relaxing. The Knee Wedge gentle raises your legs to relieve lower back pressure, improve blood circulation and reduce swelling in the lower legs. Unique zippered design allows for numerous positions, so you can sit bolt upright (reading a frightening Stephen King novel), or lounge back to savor something more soothing! Cover removes for machine washing. 28" x 70". Iincludes neck roll and travel case)

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